Unwired Planet Invented the Mobile Internet

Unwired Planet established many of the foundational technologies that allow mobile devices to connect to the Internet. Over the years, Unwired Planet's software has enabled many industry firsts for its operator customers: Unwired Planet was the first company to enable operators to deploy mobile Internet browsing; the first company to create technology that enabled photo messaging; and the company behind the world’s first Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) deployment.

Unwired Planet has built a patent portfolio covering many innovations spanning smart devices, cloud technologies and unified messaging. In January 2013, Unwired Planet and Ericsson entered into a patent purchase agreement whereby Ericsson transferred to Unwired Planet issued US and international patents and patent applications related to 2G, 3G and LTE technologies. Under the terms of the transaction, Ericsson will contribute additional patent assets annually to Unwired Planet through 2018. Currently, Unwired Planet's patent portfolio now includes over 2,500 patent assets focused exclusively on mobile technologies.

Patent Portfolio


The Business of Intellectual Property

Unwired Planet is pursuing a multi-pronged patent monetization strategy, which ranges from direct licensing of its patents, litigation, and partnering with an Intellectual Property specialist.

Unwired Planet believes that these large companies should pay Unwired Planet to use the technologies that we invented – particularly in light of the substantial revenue these companies have earned from devices that we believe use our patented technology. The company believes that its legal position is very strong and that it has a high probability of success.

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